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We Specialize in 3D Renderings and 3D Animations.

Gone Virtual Studios, Inc. is an award winning 3D visualization studio that specializes in the real estate development and product design industry. Founded in 2003, we are a team of design professionals and 3D artists that produce 3D animations and 3D renderings to help our clients communicate their ideas for future real estate projects.  Having a stellar reputation in the design visualization industry, Gone Virtual Studios has worked for clients across the United States, Caribbean, and Bahamas.

Through the excitement generated by the GVS campaign DVD, God stirred our young church to make campaign gifts and pledges of over 5 times our operating budget. The GVS film and production team was gracious, professional, fun to watch, and responsive to work with. From Stan Robertson on down, the company had the go-getter, good-natured Jesus-first attitude our church longs to embody.

Dan McKnight | Kaw Prairie

Having all aspects of the project orchestrated through one company sped up the process and made working with each department very easy. The GVS Production allowed our congregation to actually see what we envisioned. The animated content and graphics used in our building project presentation were incredible. All of us were amazed. They cared about our vision and always listened if we felt that something more was needed. I do not think I could have asked for a better working relationship.

Chris Craig | Harvest Christian

(A 3D Virtual Tour is)... absolutely essential! At first we thought it was a lot of money to spend, but when we saw the product and then seeing the results, we would never consider doing a campaign without the virtual tour. The quality of service that GVS provided is motivated by their humble, servant hearts, which is exactly what we related to so well. GVS served us and followed through at every level with kindness and understanding to our individual circumstances. Each and every part of the campaign and production materials was an accurate reflection of all of our needs and was vital to the communication of our vision. While it is ultimately God who gets all the glory, the tools provided to us by GVS were used by God to far exceed our fundraising expectations. All of the materials produced by GVS were extremely professional and inclusive of all necessary information. We were very pleased with their ingenuity and creativity.

John Van Gorkom | Calvary Baptist

(GVS) can and will meet your needs and will promote your vision with quality. Extremely professional and excellent quality. Great team to work with. Will use them again on future projects.

EB Herman | Harvest Family Church

Excellent services! GVS worked with our tight deadline and delivered everything we asked for in a timely and thoughtful manner. We felt that the virtual tour brought the campaign to life and allowed our people to really understand the project in a way that a model could not do. It allowed all of us to see what the finished building (and ministry) could be like. We were more than pleased.

Jim Nite | Center Point, Naples

Working with an All-In-One Company...played a big part in the success of our campaign. Services provided by GVS were above and beyond our expectations. GVS was an invaluable asset to the marketing of our entire capital campaign.

Leanne Woods | Westside Church

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