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Tia Carmen - Phoenix Dessert Ridge Resort and Spa

Location: JW Marriott Phoenix Dessert Ridge Resort
Property Type: Restaurant
Designer: Schoos Design
Deliverables: Still Renderings
Renowned chef Angelo Sosa opened Tía Carmen, a new restaurant at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort + Spa in 2022. Tia Carmen pays homage to chef Sosa’s Aunt (Tía) Carmen and celebrates the local landscape, farmers and community of the Southwest reflecting a mix of tradition and modernity. Opening for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu will showcase flavors imbued from a wood-fired grill and American Indian and heirloom food products.

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Still Renderings

Tia Carmen Entrance

Tia Carmen Patio

Tia Carmen Kitchen

Tia Carmen Dining

Tia Carmen Buffet

Tia Carmen Bar

Tia Carmen Exterior

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